Ok– I am in the world of dicey wifi, so I better make this quick. We are in the gorgeous town of Savannah GA, after invading spending the night with a certain Momma Lloyd, who was foolhardy gracious enough to host the entire thundering horde of Taffs. I also spent a few days hanging with Alyson and Linda, so TRUST ME, I have tales to tell! Wait– so do they. Hmm… I’m keeping my mouth shut.

As soon as I get this internet mess figured out I will write a REAL post, but for now I will leave you with a photo we took at Bonaventure Cemetery, one of our favorite hangs in Savannah. Yeah, I know. We’re weird that way.

I look JUST like this when I’m all pensive and stuff.

More later.

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  1. LindaB

    I look that way when I’m having a problem with regularity and stuff………only not that slim.

    Have fun. Remember, what happens in Gatlinburg STAYS in Gatlinburg. And, I know where you live.

  2. auburn60

    We like cemeteries at my house,too.Especially Civil War cemeteries.I stopped at a cemetery in Wear’s Valley on the way home from Gatlinburg. I was taking pictures of the mountains and the older memorials in the cemetery– it was ‘Decoration Day’ here in the South,after all–and I sparked up a chat with an old man in the cemetery.(I know,imagine me talking to a perfect stranger…)He had so many stories about living in the mountains and about his ancestors–some of whom were Irish immigrants. He sings those old ballads that some of our gospel/country music came from and grows things like ‘sang'(ginseng, for the uninitiated)and sassafras (sp?). I swear, I’m going to find an outlet to write about the people I meet and tell their stories–they are so interesting.
    So,what were we talking about? Linda,pass the Ritalin.

  3. gracelynn

    Hey join the Weird club Tori. I played in cemeteries as a child! No joke. Living in a farming community that has been around for many, many years, the woods are filled with old family graveyards. Plus, we have an old slave graveyard behind our house. There are no markers but the community knows that it was once where slaves were buried. We got my brother and cousin scared to death as kids when they camped near the pond back there as kids. LOL Had them scared of ghosts. Oh the joys of being the eldest kid.

    Auburn, I am with you. I like the Civil War graveyards too. I have always been a Civil War buff – got it from my daddy I guess. He loves that era of history and used to teach history in high school before I came into existance. LOL

  4. tori

    Hey, yesterday Madi and I walked all around the Colonial Park Cemetery here in the middle of the historic district– Civil War history galore, as well as headstones dating back to the Revolutionary War! Gorgeous place, different from the Bonaventure but really interesting… I ought to organize a Cemetery Tour of great graveyards all over the South! Wanna go?!

  5. auburn60

    Let’s do it !!!
    Pawley’s Island,SC has a good one,of course Charleston,SC–Thomaston,GA,Franklin,TN,Huntsville,AL. The whole state of Virginia (and we can stop at my great-grandmother’s family estate in Virginia called the Old Manse).
    There’s an old cemetery in Andalusia,AL that has ‘sunk down’ and now has an echo–when you talk,you hear a voice echoing back.
    Very creepy!
    Oh, and I’ve found old slave cemeteries in Leighton,AL.
    Uh, we could be gone a while… :)

  6. LindaB

    Well, I’m just dyin’ to go!!!

  7. gracelynn

    Let’s do it Tori. I’ll help you organize it if you need some help!

    Edenton NC has some very old graveyards dating back to the American Revolutionary War era.

  8. gracelynn

    Just be sure you bring plenty of insect repellant and check yourself good for ticks if you are in the woods this time of year. Take it from my father and brother, you do NOT want a tickborne disease. They both have Lymes disease and my brother also has spotted fever.

  9. rockin robyn

    When you are all done and if you still didn’t get your fill of historical cemeteries – head east and I’ll take you all a tour of the Gettysburg National cemetery here in PA – I’m kind of a cemetery freak myself – I am really into my family genealogy and so I spend time looking up family members grave sites as well….

  10. belinda

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

    Count me in on the tours with you girls. I’m sure we can find some great ones around our area to.

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