Mother’s Day

Been a little absent around here because I have had a cold/sinus thing– or as I like to call it, “The Infection From The Bowels Of Hell That Would Have Killed A Lesser Woman.” I’m better this morning, and I think I may now qualify as a stockholder in the Kleenex corporation. Seriously, it is bizarre how many trees have been slaughtered so that I could keep my nose from basically running off of my face. Ewww. I have also drank (drunk? Have drunken? done drank?) my weight in fresh-squeezed tangerine juice, which for some reason is the ONLY thing that sounded good to me for the past three days. FYI, Harris Teeter has the very best, it’s in that cooler thing that also has the fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice in it. Why thank you, personal-grocery-shopper-Tori!

Since I have taken to my bed with the vapors these last couple of days, I have also watched an inordinate amount of “America’s Next Top Model” reruns.  Sometimes with Madi Rose, sometimes with Charlotte, sometimes alone, which are three distinctly different experiences. Madi and I are very… well, somewhere between catty and bitchy—‘citchy’, as it were. We root for our favorites, usually the oddball, geeky-yet-weirdly-beautiful one, and we are very critical of the mean girls; especially the ones that mistake cockiness and inflated egos for self-confidence, and try to psyche out the other models. Yeah, we’re citchy all over the place with those girls! Watching with Charlotte is fun because she isn’t really all that into it, but she’s trying. She hangs in there for a little while and asks a few questions like, “Why does that one look mad all the time?”, but then I’ll happen to glance over and she’s got Russ’ laptop and is playing with the Sims Pets, or something. And when it’s about 11:30 p.m. and I’m all alone, coughing and sneezing and watching Tyra say for the 500th time, “I see 5 beautiful women before me… but I only have 4 photos in my hand”? Well, that’s when I start questioning whether or not I might have possibly incurred some slight brain damage what with all of the nose-blowing.

In other news: Both of my girls painted something for me for Mother’s Day! Charlotte’s painting is very modern, and has hearts and green squares on a textured background. Madi’s is like a vintage pin-up girl poster of a cabaret dancer, in a green can-can dress. I just love both of them. I think Russ is taking us all out to dinner to celebrate later, but my one Mother’s Day request is that all of us go down to the garden and tie into the weeding and planting together. I betcha we could knock it out in about thirty minutes. Weather looks a little threatening though, so they may weasel out of it– I’ll let you know. Hope all of you muthas are enjoying your day!

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  1. gracelynn

    I sure hope that you are feeling better Tori. I’ve had that sinus-allergy mess myself now for over a month so I think we have plenty of stock in the tissue/Kleenex business. LOL I am glad your Mother’s Day was good and that is so sweet that the girls made you their present. It’s been a dreary day here with the bad weather and then the news about Dottie as well. Take care of yourself now!

  2. LindaB

    So, THAT’S where they went! I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy some Kleenex, and they were OUT!! Hope you feel better soon!

    Who is Harris Tweeter, and is he any relation to Big Bird? Never heard of him.

    You LISTEN to that model contest/ego fest called A.N.T.M.? Personally, I can’t relate to them and never watch ‘em. But that show on MTV called “JUVIE”??? Now, that’s where I live! I can get into that one—-and get some tips while I’m there! You know, stuff you can actually use in court.

  3. auburn60

    That’s funny–’cause my one Mother’s Day request was to have the huge pile of mulch that has been sitting on the corner of our property spread around all the flower beds. We lost a big tree several months ago and had it chipped up, ready to go–and there it sat. So yesterday husband and son spread it around the deck and most of the flower beds and I planted flowers and got one of my window boxes cleaned and planted. Those two men have complained bitterly ever since about how tired and sore they are. Wimps!!!
    Spent yesterday sitting in the ER. Meredith woke up with this nasty,itchy,scaly,oozy rash on her arms and legs and back.Sat there for 4 hours and did not see a doctor until I started walking out of the ER–suddenly medical personnel was everywhere and could not do enough for us. They shot her full of Benadryl and steroids and it’s just now going away.Never did find out what caused it.She likes ANTM–I just can’t stand Tyra and her self-absorption. And Twiggy! Who remembers Twiggy with the big eyes and short hair?
    So Mother’s Day was pretty low-key around here,too.Weather is awful–we may lose more trees tonight.

  4. gracelynn

    We had a tornado hit spotted less than 10 miles from our house, auburn60! It was a frightning afternoon/early evening for us but thank the Lord that is over now!

    I hope Meredith is better. And I know the feeling of sitting that long. My friend graduated with her Masters yesterday so I had to sit through a 3 hour graduation ceremony to watch her walk across the stage and get the hood placed around her neck. At that point, I was ready to turn it into a noose LOLOL.

  5. belinda

    Hope you are feeling better. So how did it go with getting help with your garden?

  6. BrownEyedGirl

    I like your Mother’s Day gift idea!! Just HELP ME!! I like the way you think :o)

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