Random Photo Monday

OK, I need to post and well, uh… I got nothing! Actually, I do have reams of fascinating blog material just sitting here in my brain gathering dust, but the thing is, Russ is out of town and I am really trying to get my basil planted in my new ceramic pots I got for, hello! six bucks! at this salvage place I read about in Friday’s paper and I went to Whole Foods (the world’s most expensive, pretentious grocery store that I just love) and got dinner for all three of us from their Hot Foods bar which was great because I could get different stuff for each of us which totally works because MAN, do we have different tastes in food these days, and anyway, I decided to just post these photos from the last few days. And yes, that is one giant run-on sentence, but it accurately  portrays the hamsterwheel that is my brain these days.

So– here’s Madi at a Latin Festival this weekend:

madi shrugging in green field

And here’s Charlotte singing in the performance choir’s Spring Concert:

charlotte singing in choir

Here are some small Hispanic boys wearing Day of the Dead old man masks and dancing with canes.

(I don’t get it either, but it makes a nice photo op, don’tcha think?)

hispanic boys in day of the dead masks

And finally… lunch at the Latin Fair. I know it looks like roadkill, but it was actually barbeque chicken from Super Pollo on Nolensville Road, and it was mighty tasty. We all three fought over shared it, which is why it is in shreds. And yes, those are my creepy corpse hands, please send lotion IMMEDIATELY.



 super pollo chicken dinner

OK, I said they were random photos!






6 Responses

  1. gracelynn

    Hope you got your basil planted. LOL And don’t worry – I understood your run-on sentence perfectly Tori. I teach middle school so I am used to run-on sentences and fragments. That is how the kids speak now. ROTFL

    Love the pictures though. The Cinco de Mayo pictures are really neat. (Sigh) To have a figure like Madi! Only in my dreams….

    And if you think your hands look bad, try living and working on a farm. Mine are bruised up, cut up by barb wire and hay, and skinned. LOL I’ll bring you some lotion when I come to Family Fest if you’d like. ;)

  2. LindaB

    Well, here’s a few random thoughts….

    Madi, WHAT A WAISTLINE YOU HAVE!!!! I thought the same thing, GraceLynn!!! I THINK I used to have one in another life——and the proof is in the back of my closet there are some BELTS that look vaguely familiar. That’s the only reason I can think of for them being there.

    Charlotte, what a beautiful girl you are! And I’d sure love to hear you sing!!! Any CD’s yet?

    Tori, what’s up with the “day of the dead old men” masks? Is it a new senior citizen dating service? Can I have the phone number——I’m sixty now, ya know, and should be planning for the future.

    Creepy corpse hands??? What you talkin’ ’bout, girl? They are nice YOUNG hands! Enjoy! Add lotion if you want, but enjoy!

  3. gracelynn

    I can always dream, right Linda? ROTFLMBO Maybe one day that dream will become true. LOL

    May 5th is a Hispanic holiday – Cinco de Mayo. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday. May 5th is usually known as “Día de los Angelitos” (Day of the Little Angels) and May 6th as “Día de los Difuntos” (Day of the Dead). They wear costumes and masks and dance. Families usually clean and decorate graves on May 5th though. My students studied Hispanic culture for their PowerPoints last year as a collaborative assignment so I learned a little about these holidays. One of my students was Hispanic and shared quite alot about it with the class.

  4. LindaB

    Well, GraceLynn, that’s interesting! I learn something every day! Trouble is, I’ll forget it by tomorrow. What was it again? LOL

  5. belinda

    I love photo days. I’m with you other ladies, Madi looks great. Oh to have a figure like that again. I was skinny in my earlier years, not sure I ever looked that good.
    Love Charlotte singing, she looks like she is really getting into that performance.
    Linda I’m with you on the lesson from gracelynn – I learned something new today too.
    That food is looking really good. It is raining here and I did not want to go out in the rain so I just had some soup. Your selection looks a lot better. Girl, your hands do not look old at all!

  6. auburn60

    I think that Charlotte suddenly looks SO much older–as in ‘you-can- see-that-teen-thing-coming’ older.
    But maybe I think that ’cause my oldest turned 21 yesterday–and that makes me feel old.
    Sometimes I look at my hands and see my mother’s hands–eeeewwwww!!!

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