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Midweek is about the time I usually do a quick mental inventory and figure out what I didn’t get finished from last weekend, and start making plans for what I won’t get finished want to tackle next weekend. It’s also the day I usually give myself a stern talking-to about my tendency to procrastinate, although I rarely listen to me. *fingers in ears LA LA LA LA*

Sometimes I just get stuck, you know? Like, for no discernible reason I can’t seem to bring myself to mop the kitchen floor. For five days. And I have dogs in there, remember, including a fluffy, sheddy one that produces these black and white furry dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds that accumulate in the corners. I did sweep the other day, so it’s not all nasty in there, but every time I think I’ll go get the mop and that squirty hardwood floor cleaner stuff, I pause a minute, look at all the furniture I have to move around and the dogs/kids I’d have to kick out of the area and just think, “Aw, screw it, it’s not that bad…” However I’m pleased to report that this morning right after taking the girls to school I threw myself into it, and my floor is now all shiny, sparkly, 50’s housewife clean. I got so into it that I carried my dripping mop into about three other rooms and gave them the once-over, too, so now I feel better about myself, though a wee bit concerned that I have now spent two paragraphs talking about mopping. Heigh ho, the glamorous life.


In other news, Pip the world’s smallest passive-aggressive dog, is still periodically walking into the laundry room, sticking his tiny wizened head out of the doggy door, looking around at the scenery, lifting his tiny stick leg and peeing where he stands. He has the good sense to at least look reeeeally sorry when I yell at him, and yet he still does it, doesn’t he?  Dumb-ass Yorkie. Good thing he’s old, it’s the only card he has left to play– but hey, my dad is 92 years old and he’s never done that even once.

Scene of the crime- already cleaned up of course, because ewww.


Right after I yelled at him. Don’t fall for it.

Right after I yelled at him. Don\'t fall for it.



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  1. gracelynn

    LOL Tori, do NOT feel bad. I have been trying for four months to get my bedroom organized and clean. As of right now, it still looks like a tornado hit it. I am good at procrastinating on housework too. And I hate vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc. I’ve been forced to clean this house since I was 11 so that turned me off of housework at a very early age. ***sigh**** However, I have to do it eventually. LOL

    I was actually proud of myself today at work. I finally cleaned off my desk, stacked all the papers I have to have graded by 3pm Friday afternoon (and entered into the online gradebook so I can print progress reports), and refiled all the extra worksheets, notes, and files that have been there since Thanksgiving. ROTFLMBO One of my fellow teachers came in and almost fell out when she saw my desk with no stacks of files or paper on it. Sad she was envious now LOL. I told her don’t be – my file cabinet was hiding the evidence. If I manage to get the papers graded and the progress reports printed and signed Friday, maybe I’ll still have enough energy to try to organize the file cabinet. ROTFLMBO

  2. LindaB

    Well, I’ve solved the doggie peeing on the floor problem—–I DON’T HAVE A DOG IN MY HOUSE!! I’m at the age where I have to worry about myself peeing on the floor. Besides, I have enough “animals” to clean up after around here! We do have a deceased hamster in the house somewhere, but I’ve quit worrying about it as long as I don’t smell it. I just enjoy your pet stories and occasionally watch the Animal Channel. Works for me.

  3. belinda

    I love to clean house, I know I’m crazy! People tell me that all of the time. There is nothing better than cleaning the entire house and walking from room to room and it being all nice an tidy and smelling all nice and clean. The one thing about house cleaning that I do hate and put off is the moping. I HATE to mop the floors. Well my solution to that is, right now while Troy is in-between jobs, he has started doing a lot of the house cleaning, which I must say is very nice. He EVEN mops!!!!! It is great. Those floors are cleaner than they have ever been. Go TROY!!!! I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to moping, I bet you mop more than I do Tori.

    Wednesdays….do you know what I am thinking when it comes to Wednesday? Two down and two to go after today, I think I can make it. One more day closer to FRIDAY. Tori knows how much I love Fridays, but then there will come that stinkin Monday morning, which is my least favorite of all. Oh well…..

  4. themema

    What is it about us procrastinators that we can put off any chore until we are pushing an absolute deadline. I can think of 101 good reasons to put off until some other time anything that I am just not dying to do. But give me a deadline, and I am deadly. Example: insurance man to renew house insurance was coming at 10:00 this morning. I woke up at 6:35 a. m. which is in itself something to record in a diary. By 10:00 the house looked pretty darned good!

    Now as for the little Pip, I got that covered for you. Go to a good Thrift Store and get a few bath mats with rubber backings. Put one just inside the door, and teach the kids, and the husband to just step over it. Every couple of days, just throw it in the washer, and put down a new one.

    Linda, as for your little concern, skip the rubber backed pads, and go straight for the contoured ones with sticky backs.

    There! All your problems are solved.

    Did I tell you that my little whipper snapper of a terrier pees in the shower? After two years of successfully using the bath mat, he started cocking his leg against the glass door. It hits the door and runs down thru the slot into the shower every time. Turn on the hot water several times a day and aim it at the door, and voila! clean shower.

  5. belinda

    It’s FRIDAY!!!! I just had to say that!

  6. LindaB

    And it’s a sunny clear 72 degree day here in Michigan!

    I just had to say that!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My experience with puppy dogs is that, for the first few months, you don’t train them….you train yourself. This is very difficult for the mom who is always on the go. Therefore, my advice is to buy dogs who are so darn cute you can’t help but let them get away with anything….everything.

  8. belinda

    It was great weather here too on Friday, Thursday night was another story. I love the warmer weather. Here we are at Sunday morning, why do the weekends go so fast? We planted a new tree and have several new bushes to plant. It is so much fun going and seeing all the new plants you can plant in your yard. We had so much fun yesterday. Now Troy has to plant them.

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