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Janet B!!!!!

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A Newman’s Own gift basket worth $75 will soon be winging its way to Janet B– congratulations!

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I’ve been Re-Ambassadored!

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BlogHer and LG Text Ed

Yes, apparently I was born to reign.

The LG people have had such a great response to their TextEd campaign that they decided to extend it just a tiny bit longer! It appears that all of this talk about online and cell phone safety has kind of hit a nerve out there, which is a really good thing. I’m of the opinion that the parents, grandparents, friends and family members of teens and ‘tweens would be very wise to bring up the complicated issues surrounded texting early and often. Avoiding a (possibly uncomfortable) conversation with our kids about things like bullying or sexting isn’t doing anybody any favors– the boundaries and the consequences both need to be made crystal clear, and we don’t need to assume they just automatically know this stuff.

So, for my last hurrah as an Ambassador (ess?) and for the last word on the subject, we decided to open the floor up to you guys– you supply the questions and I’ll supply the horse’s mouth. Well, ‘mouths’, actually. That’s right, I’m hereby bestowing temporary Ambassadorships upon the fruit of my loins, Madi Rose and Charlotte, and they are going to personally answer any questions you might have on the subject of teens and texting!

With only a minimum amount of looking at me like I was crazy, rolling their eyes, sighing and shrugging, my lovely chirren graciously agreed to participate in this important campaign by offering their firsthand experience and opinions. All you have to do is come up with some questions and  leave ‘em in the comment section of this post, and then I’ll “interview” the girls and give them a chance to answer in their own words.  (I’m even thinking about videotaping the whole thing and posting that– whaddya think?)

ALSO– remember that great organization I told you about, that  LG donated .50 towards every time someone commented on any of the TextEd posts? Well, to get the ball rolling and to encourage everyone to jump right on in here, BlogHer is now going to pony up a matching donation, so now will get $1.00 for every single comment, question or suggestion you leave on this post!

It’s really kind of cool to be able to help out a good cause AND to have my girls involved in this whole thing, too. I would really appreciate it if you guys would help all that happen by coming up with some questions and conversation starters for them. And if you can’t think of anything to ask, just leave a comment anyway so we can rack up some $$ for charity.

I mean, after all– while the LG people certainly have assembled an impressively credentialed council to weigh in on the topic of teens and texting, wouldn’t you also like to hear from some REAL experts…?

Of course you would! So please leave a comment!

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