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Miscellaneous Monday

Good morning, class.

I appreciate your patience with my wildly irregular posting these days. And by ‘these days,’ I mean the entire last year since I have moved to Bell Buckle.

To tell you the truth, I have given occasional serious thought to shuttering the doors of Babybloomr for good, only because when I don’t post regularly, I feel really bad about it. Yes, yes, I know that kind of guilt is not rooted in any kind of reality, and that the intrawebs and world at large are not putting their lives on hold and breathlessly awaiting my next little scrap of brilliance or declaring a National Day of Mourning when I don’t post,  but before you get up on your hind legs and start yelling, “Narcissist!” at me, let me explain my blog-guilt by reminding you that I was raised by a couple of those Greatest Generation-type parents whose word was their bond, etc., so I have been embedded with a somewhat overactive sense of responsibility and duty and whatnot. I’m not saying I always act on it, I just have enough of it rolling around in my head to make me feel shiftless and no ‘count when I shirk. (Side note: “Shirk” is one of those words that just all of sudden sounds completely ridiculous when you say it out loud. Try it– shirk shirk shirk. See? Weird. But I digress.) (Also, if the second sentence in this paragraph doesn’t qualify me for some kind of “Longest Run-On Sentence of 2014″ award, there is no justice in the world.)

Anyway. One of the rules of blogging is that regular posting is the key to building and keeping your readership, and though I have blown THAT rule all to hell and back this year, I have decided to cut myself some slack and A) not worry so much about what I’m not doing “right” and B) reconnect with my beloved ‘Bloomr Nation one post at a time, whenever and however they decide to spring forth from my ever-fertile brain. And also, C) JUST POST MORE OFTEN, Tori, sheesh.

Are we on the same page here? Your thoughts?

Meanwhile, back at today’s post. Here’s what I felt like sharing today: (“Sharing?” Really? I’m a small group leader all of a sudden?)

I’m thinking images… (also known as pictures.) A veritable potpourri, if you will, of miscellaneous things to look at for no good reason that will somehow manage not to fall under the heading of Time-Suck Tuesday material, because that’s like, a whole different thing. Kinda.

Ya with me? Here we go!

**Vintage photo of the Bell Buckle train depot

1bell buckle depot


**Charlotte is that small figure on the left. She is climbing a waterfall. (I wasn’t there, otherwise this photo would also feature a middle-aged woman dangling precariously from a tree branch desperately trying to ‘spot’ Charlotte.)


**Russ and Bill attempting a selfie. I love this about 30 different ways.


**Madi Rose’s summer job– she gives tours at the historic Sam Davis House Museum. She has wanted to do this since she was 9 and toured the Hermitage for the first time. I had to explain that they didn’t usually hire 9 year old docents. Took a few years, but she finally gets to wear a hoop skirt to work.

1costume madi


**Speaking of jobs– I love doing Homecoming Radio.



** And finally, here are some gorgeous pictures with an interesting back-story (courtesy of Viralworld):

“Kirsty Mitchell is photographer from Kent, England who creates dream-worthy images that are imaginative and elaborately staged with costumes, make-up, and special effects. After losing her mother to breast cancer, photography became a coping mechanism to make sense of her loss.

She writes in her biography page about the role in photography in her life: “Photography became my only escape when I could no longer talk about how I felt. It became an utter fantasy that blocked out the real world, and a place where I could return to my memories of her, far away from those hospitals walls.”

Mitchell has a background in fashion, costume design and photography which shines through in the photographs – they’re all beautifully detailed and intricate.”


Beautiful, right?


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