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Christmas Giving

Something about this time of year makes even the Scroogiest person start thinking about doing a little something for their fellow man. There are about a frillion different ways to help others, and lots of worthwhile organizations are doing everything they can to make it as easy as possible! You probably have your own favorite causes to contribute to, but just in case you are looking for some new ideas… Here are a few of the Taff family’s favorite ways to give:

** From the time they were little, Madi and Charlotte have each ceremoniously picked out an angel from the Angel Tree. Their angel choices varied from year to year. Sometimes they’d choose a child exactly the same age they were, sometimes they went for the toddlers or babies, and several seasons in a row we opted for the ‘Adopt a Senior’ Angel tree. Madi especially enjoyed shopping for the little boys and the little old ladies– I’d always have to rein her in, she would pile the cart higher and higher adding just one more thing “they really, really need.” We’ve made some great memories during these shopping trips, and I highly recommend it. ( A slight variation on that theme: this year our local Kroger stores have partnered with the Salvation Army to create a Food Angel tree. You can simply choose a tag from the tree and take it with you to the register when you’re ready to check out. The cashier will scan it and add $25 to your grocery bill, which will go towards providing an Angel Tree Family enough groceries for several meals. No muss, no fuss, nothing to wrap!)

** Thistle Farms products directly support my very favorite charity, Magdalene House. In addition to their usual list of incredible handmade body products, they’ve put together some special holiday candles and potpourri packages– they make amazing gifts AND you are directly helping change the lives of some of the strongest, most courageous women I have ever met.

** ‘Bloomr Nation’s own beloved Betty Morris (aka Themema) was a huge fan of the Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child program. She shopped all year long, squirreling away flip flops, toothbrushes, school supplies and toys– then she strong-armed all of her friends into helping her stuff those shoeboxes! (I know Momma Lloyd was a very willing participant!) The deadline for this year’s boxes has come and gone, but it’s not too early to start thinking about next Christmas… And if you do decide to participate, do it in honor of our Betty, the Christmas Shoebox Queen.

** This year I learned all about a very worthwhile ministry from my sweet friend and fellow blogger Jamie Reeves. It’s a Brooklyn, New York-based organization called Metro Ministries that has been working with families in need since 1980. Founded by Pastor Bill Wilson (who has more than a few incredible stories of his own to tell…), Metro Ministries reaches more than 40,000 inner-city children and their families every week in NY and around the world. They have a special outreach at Christmas time, Operation Holiday Hope, and for as little as $10 you can help insure that every child that attends their inner-city Sunday School will receive a beautifully wrapped Christmas present of their own. (It’s easy– I just did it!)  From Dec. 1 -12 they will also be featuring a different child’s story each day so you can see Metro Ministries in action for yourself. Check it out!


So… I’d love to hear about your favorite ways to give during the Christmas season– share with the class, won’t you?

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