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Wordless Wednesday: Charlotte Is Perri’s FAVORITE!

Apparently Russ Is Not A Fan Of Hospitals

OK, I’m in a giant hurry because we are trying to get on the road to get to Arkansas, but I could not resist posting this!

So, a couple of days ago Russ had surgery to remove a benign thingy on his adrenal gland. He has never spent the night in a hospital, and has never had any kind of surgery, so he was a little apprehensive. We originally had been told this was an outpatient, probably laparoscopic, slam bam thank you Dr. kind of surgery– but the night before he went in, a nurse on the phone casually referred to his “overnight hospital stay” which sorta freaked both of us out a little.

Long story ever-so-slightly shorter, the surgery went just fine, the thingy was definitely benign, and after some time in recovery Russ was wheeled down to his room. HOWEVER, the anesthesia gave him a giant migraine and also, in the words of the nurse practitioner, “his surgical pain got a little ahead of his pain meds” which basically means that poor boy was in a world of pain when I walked into his room. He was still kind of drugged up and dozing, his mouth was in a big ol’ frowny-face grimace, his entire body was tensed, his back was kind of arched… It was really hard to witness.

Until I looked down at his hand.

His poor little hand was all puffed up (apparently he doesn’t tolerate IVs very well either), but even in his unconscious state he was able to express his feelings about the entire experience…

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?!

And yes, I know there is something really wrong with a person who would start giggling hysterically and digging around in her purse to take a picture of this with her phone while her beloved husband of 35 years is suffering on his bed of affliction, but come on– that is funny, I don’t care who you are!

P.S. He’s doing great, incisions look good, pain is very manageable and we are heading home for Christmas. More later!

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