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Wordless Wednesday– “Somewhere Between a Woman and a Child” Edition

(Charlotte, as photographed by Madi Rose. There’s something kind of heartbreaking about this age…)

My reign as Ambassador is almost over…

… so this is my final tout:

Go check out the last in the series of LG TextEd posts here. (And make sure you read this one…  It is a very down-to-earth approach to the whole thing.) The topic is really quite sobering– teens and ‘sexting.’

Here’s a statistic for you: Did you know that 41% of teens admitted to sending, receiving or forwarding a text that said something sexual, but only 11% of parents thought their teens had ever participated in this type of behavior?! That’s quite a discrepancy… otherwise known as the Great Parental Denial Gap. Anyway, as always there’s definitely some useful information available for you over there. And don’t forget: each comment left on the posts listed benefits with a $0.50 donation up to $5,000! (You can also comment on my post from week 2 here or here– go for it!)

And now as a reward for your patience and participation during my reign as Ambassador, I have a little gift for you. Actually, TWO of them! The first is a giveaway– yep, free stuff, something for nothing, gotta love that.

To find out more and enter the giveaway (WHICH WILL END THIS THURSDAY, OCT. 28) click over here to my Review page and check it out!

And finally, dearest readers, here’s my other gift to you! My friend Bev Darnall Mansfield sent it to me, and I laughed my dang head off. I couldn’t wait to show it to Russ, he grew up going to black churches and I knew he would totally love it!

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