Halloween Recap

We had so much fun! Here are a few photos to prove it:

Ok, as planned, I was a mummy…blogger.



And yeah, I weenied out on carrying the laptop around with me.

Charlotte did indeed revive the ‘classic’ shark costume with the legs hanging out of the mouth. It’s so funny, the first time she wore it two years ago it was a little too big for her so she had trouble seeing out of the little mesh mask part because it kept falling down over her eyes and blocking her vision. Last year was better though still a little hard to see, but this year she has grown so much that her head was crammed into the top of shark and she couldn’t lower her face enough to see the ground, which made walking around in the dark a real adventure. She is such a little character, I love that kid.


And then there was Madi. What can I say about Madi’s costume, except maybe ??? and, also !!! She totally nailed the Beth look to a frightening degree– her water-balloons-stuffed-into-socks boobs were so gigantic that nobody made eye contact with her the entire night! Behold:


That was in our front yard right before we headed out for the night. The handcuffs dangling from her belt and the fingerless gloves were a nice touch, but the best part was the official Dog the Bounty Hunter badge pinned to the top of  her oh-so-classy tank top– which sadly, you can’t really see in that photo because like I said, it’s hard to see anything with all that chestiness going on. But wait, it gets better worse! Here she is at my brother Matt’s house, totally rocking the Beth ‘tude:


I know, I know, I should be shot for letting her go out in public looking like that. Actually, I think I laughed harder than anyone else, so you know, Mother of the Year here. YAY ME!

Since Russ was out of town, we didn’t have a candy hander-out-er because even though the dogs would probably be willing, they don’t have opposable thumbs which would really complicate that whole answering-the-doorbell thing. So, as I did last year I put a whole bunch of candy in a bowl on the front porch next to our jack o’lantern…


(It’s a character from a website the girls just love, Homestar Runner. Which you’ve probably never heard of it unless you are living with teenagers.)

Even though I always leave a note politely suggesting they just take a few pieces, I kind of take for granted that the first group of trick-or-treaters will probably wipe out all the candy. When I was growing up there was an older couple up on the hill that always left a little peach basket full of stick candy on their front porch and we always headed there first and systematically emptied it. (Which would horrify my well-mannered parents who raised me right, by the way, so DON’T tell them!) Last year the bowl was not only completely emptied, it also mysteriously ended up in the middle of my driveway. But this year we came home to this:


What self-respecting sugar-crazed child would leave three lousy pieces of free candy at the bottom of a bowl? These kids today– amateurs!

This year we headed over to Matt and Carol’s neighborhood first instead of last, because we were hoping to get there early enough to see my little great-niece Anna Rose in her costume. Her parents Josh and Sarah were there of course, and also Sarah’s  parents, Peg and ‘Pa’. Love them.

(If you’ve never visited Peg’s fabulous blog, YOU MUST– here is a link, check it out: http://bloomfieldfarm.blogspot.com/ )

Anna Rose was the cutest lady bug you ever saw, and she was totally digging the whole trick or treat thing– didn’t take her long to figure it out! After walking around the Historic Richland area for  a while, we headed down the street to Matt’s where Carol had made some REALLY good chili and we all hung out and just talked and laughed and ate and watched Anna Rose be adorable. She finally pooped out…


… so Josh and Sarah took her home. By that time it was almost 9:00, so even though we took a nostalgic drive around our old neighborhood, we ended up calling it a night too. A great Halloween was had by all.

Russ came home on Sunday and brought me armloads of flowers for our anniversary, so our house kinda looks like somebody died. Or won the Kentucky Derby. Either way, they are beautiful and I love them.

So how about you guys? Did you get many trick-or-treaters, or were you forced to eat all of that candy yourself?

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  1. rockin robyn

    Fortunately I don’t live too far from my parents house (and the neighborhood where I grew up). My sister and I head to mom and dad’s to help out with the “trick-or-treats”. It’s fun seeing the neighbors grand-children come around.

    It was a damp but not too cold evening so my sister and I actually sat out-side on the porch to treat… years back I would dress up and the neighbors are always curious if Robyn’s going to dress up again. The one year I had a big ugly rubber face on and a jail “stripes” outfit and a little munchkin went running down the drive way crying… (I felt so bad – I don’t think I’ve dressed up since)

    It’s just fun complimenting the children on their outfits. This year I actually put myself in-the-place of the wee lil ones in the strollers… Man they don’t have a clue what’s going on. “Why did mom put me in these strange clothes and take me for a walk in the dark with a bunch of weirdos wondering the streets and they get all this candy that it’s supposed to look like I got?”

  2. bettyrwoodward

    Love the photos. It certainly looks as though you had fun. We had 35 children at our ‘Angels and Superheroes’ party which went well. I spent most of the evening making candles with them! The nearest I got to dressing up though was a halo (I know not really me!) The children (ages 5 -11) are asking if we can do it again next year so they must have enjoyed themselves.

  3. rachelbaker

    Tori – you are a great Mum – there are parents over here who let their teenage daughters go out like that when it isn’t even halloweeen – scary! Looks like you all had a great time.

    We went to the light party at the local church – craft activities, bouncy castles and lots of fun games, plus all the kids got sent home with a bag of sweets (candy to you), so they didn’t feel they missed out on anything. Also the party was during prime trick-or-treating hours, which meant the bag of goodies I bought was untouched and is now being devoured by me!

    I am not as bad a mother as I thought because Hannah’s thumb condition is congenital and not caused by an accident I didn’t take seriously enough.However, she does need an operation :-( She says that it will be boring. Sometimes I wonder if she is secretly 15 and not 5!

  4. auburn60

    We got through trick-or-treating for the food bank early (Yay for the baseball team–what great guys!)and got home about dark-just in time for me to light all the jack-o-lanterns (3) and turn on all the electrical decor. I propped up my favorite yearly decoration; my ‘Uncle Charlie’. I stuff a flannel shirt and jeans with newspaper and put a scary rubber mask with a black hat in the neck opening of the shirt–he looks real–and deadly! I set him on a wicker chair on the porch.

    And I had–wait for it–NO trick-or-treaters! We sat inside, watching football on TV and waiting for the doorbell to ring. At least I got an extra hour of sleep out of my boring Halloween.

  5. MeaganW

    LOVE the costumes! Madi’s was hilarious! Charlotte was cute and Tori…you were rocking the red lipstick! Way to go Mummy Blogger!

    I was in Nashville Friday night doing fun 20-something Halloween festivities with friends. Saturday was great. I love handing out candy and seeing all of the kids’ costumes. I was never a big fan of trick-or-treating growing up. I always wanted to hand out the candy instead. We had a little over 500 kids. Living on one of the two main streets in town helps.

    Pardon me a soap box moment for a bit…

    Two things about Halloween trick-or-treaters that annoy me.

    1. Kids (and use the word ‘kids’ loosely) coming to my house that look older than me and are much taller than me. I am 25 and 5’4″. Drives me nuts!

    2. Kids showing up to my house in NO costume at all still expecting me to give them free candy and a friendly “Happy Halloween!” Now, I end up giving them candy every time because I never feel like starting an argument with any neighborhood kids, but come on now. If I am expected to give you free candy, you could at least make a tiny bit of effort and throw on a wig or a scary Halloween mask or SOMETHING!!!

    Ok…I’m getting down now. Haha!

  6. delightedabroad

    Are you all totally exhausted from this trick-or-treating thing ???
    There’s such a ‘sound of silence’…

  7. tori

    Yeah– where is everybody??
    HELLOOOOOOOO *sound of echo bouncing off walls*
    ANYBODY HOME????? *crickets*

  8. rachelbaker

    Who’d have thought halloween would have turned the place into a ghost town??

  9. delightedabroad

    By the way: the pictures are marvelous !
    Well then, Tori, you’re the poor victim of my cant. I’m about to becoming a nervous wreck due to this Frech test tomorrow afternoon :/
    And I will not give any comment tommorrow unless the test is finished because I want to avoid getting confused with English vocabulary.

  10. trishARKANSAS

    The costumes were totally kooool! Especially the shark one. FUNNY!

  11. rachelbaker

    Concentrate on your French Delighted – we’ll be praying!

  12. trishARKANSAS

    I’m so sorry that I haven’t left a Say it! for a while. You all were the highlight of my day for several months. Now I have to go to the local library to use the computer.
    I’m here today because I know that you will pray. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago. Yesterday my mother was diagnosed with the same thing. They both live with me and my husband. Please pray. She goes for some scans on Friday pray that she’ll get a good report back.

  13. tori

    trishARKANSAS– We will absolutely be praying for your mom and your aunt, and you, too. That is a lot for you to deal with, sweet one.

  14. rachelbaker

    Trish – praying for you all x

  15. trishARKANSAS

    Thank you sooo much! God bless.

  16. delightedabroad

    trishARKANSAS, I know a little what that means from the supporter’s point of view. Of course I’ll pray too.

  17. jonny

    Yep, throwing lots of prayers out, up there!! Thanks for sharing, giving us the heads’ u;, allowing, blessing us with such opportunities to do this for you all!!

  18. jonny

    Sorry, I probably should have put that through an on-line French translater first! = /

  19. bettyrwoodward

    Praying for you all Trish.

  20. LindaB

    Trish, bless your heart, you have your hands full! I will also add my prayers to the others here!

    I thought I had commented here, and I guess I didn’t! I think my mind is slipping! Anyway, let’s renew our efforts to make every blog entry a triple digit comments one!

    Tori, I too admire your ability to wear red red lipstick!!! Cool! Char, that costume is so classic, you did well to use it again! And Madi…………….well,………I’m wondering if you got any date offers that night?

  21. LindaB

    To answer your question, Tori—–we had about a hundred trick or treaters! The trunk or treat festivites at our church has reduced the “treat or treat” traffic in our neighborhood! Parents prefer to take their little ones there where it’s safe rather than walk up and down busy country roads around here.

    Our church’s “Trunk or Treat” ’09 was a success—-over two thousand kids went through, even though it was a cold damp evening!

  22. MeaganW

    That is a whole lot on your shoulders, trishARKANSAS. We will most definitely be praying for you and your family.

  23. MostlySunny

    Hey everyone – been out of touch electronically. Looks like it was a fun weekend! Love the costumes; and the weather looks perfect. Very creative pumpkin. I love fall!

    trishARKANSAS – we’re with you!

    delighted – How’s the French?

  24. delightedabroad

    Sorry I didn’t tell earlier – I had an advanced training (new software for translators) the last two days.
    Well, I don’t have ANY impression if it was good or not but I asked my teacher if she could email at least the result as soon as she has marked the tests. Btw, on my way to school the train stopped in the middle of nowhere and there it stood for some time…then they said in an announcement that there had been a ‘signal failure’ ahead. But way to often this is a paraphrase for an suicide attempt. Anyway, when finally the train arrived in the next station I realized it would not go on. So I had to change the train for just one more station and this one also stopped every now and then – however, I was more than half an hour late for school ( I had given notice to our principal as soon as I knew I would be late). Nevertheless I was quite relaxed with regard to the circumstances. I’m sure it was due to all your prayers, it really was a relief to know that you would back me up ! I’m so grateful, thanks !

  25. delightedabroad

    Wow, I just received the email from my French teacher: it’s a 3,5 and it could have been good enough. I have to wait till thursday when we meet next time. Some details have to be discussed.

  26. jonny

    Thanks for the up-date, delighted! It does seem like wonderful news!! Sounds like you may still have your work cut out for you. I trust the meeting will be fruitful, though!! = )

    And happy Finnish Father’s day to all the dads out there!!

  27. delightedabroad

    jonny, I’m afraid I don’t quite get what you want to say with ‘have your work cut out for you’. Could you please help me ?

  28. jonny

    You wrote “it could have been good enough” and that the teacher wanted to go over a few things. It came across to me like you got your foot back in the French translating door, but still had some work to do to get things up to speed.

  29. delightedabroad

    Ahhhh, got it ! Thanks, and you’re right.

  30. Leisa Hammett

    Oh god. You’re so hilarious.

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