Congratulate us– it’s our 33rd Anniversaween! (Halloversary?)

That’s right, Russ and I got married on Halloween.

*insert joke here.*

It wasn’t my fault, it was the Imperials. Russ and I had already set the date and ordered the invitations when the Imperials job came up, and then once he took it Sherman decided to go ahead and leave early so suddenly Russ had to jump right in there and start doing the concerts and they were already booked for the weekend in October that we were getting married so we had to take the only free day they had available and it was on Sunday afternoon… of the 31st. And yes, we did get trick or treaters on our wedding night. Yeah. On the plus side, nobody ever forgets our anniversary!

The circumstances of our wedding were just a foretaste of glory divine as far as being married to a singer is concerned. There have been more than a few anniversaries over the years that we haven’t been able to spend together because Russ is on the road, and this year will be one of them. We have gotten used to celebrating special occasions a few days early or a couple of days late, no biggie. And even if Russ was going to be in town, we wouldn’t be going out to dinner or doing any of those anniversary-type things this Saturday night anyway–  hello, I have to trick or treat with my girls! We established our roles early on: Russ is the official candy hander-outer while I take Charlotte and Madi from house to house ringing doorbells. Now, I know some Christians have a problem with celebrating Halloween unless it’s in the guise of a Harvest Festival or something, but let’s be honest here– it’s not about devils and demons, it’s ALL ABOUT THE CANDY! My girls could care less about the origins of All Hallow’s Eve, they just want some bite-size Snickers. We don’t torture animals or worship Satan, we just carve a pumpkin and dress up in something ridiculous. We have made some wonderful memories over the years, especially when they were little– I’ll never forget the year Charlotte was 3 and we put a multi-colored afro wig on her tiny head and wrote “John 3:16″ across her tiny bare chest and sent her out as the NFL Rainbow Guy…

We’ve also developed some strictly adhered-to Halloween family traditions. Even though we moved away from the old neighborhood that the girls grew up in we still go back every year and trick or treat there.We start at Marcus and Becca’s house and end up at the Gilbreath’s house, where the kids fan out to canvas their street and the grownups enjoy a big bowl of homemade soup and a glass of wine that we all take outside and eat sitting on the steps and lounging around in lawn chairs. Then we drive over to my brother Matt’s neighborhood, because they have a huge block party  there– people come from all over the city to see the decorated houses and jack-o-lantern displays. By that time we are footsore and full of sugar, so we end the evening in Matt’s living room where Carol always has special treat bags for Madi and Charlotte and takes an annual picture of us in our costumes. Yes, I said OUR costumes. Once when they were really little I made the mistake of dressing up with them and they have insisted on it ever since. Over the last few years I have been a Roaring Twenties flapper, a pirate-ess, a gypsy, a fairy and Lucy Ricardo. Actually, I really enjoy it and I am very aware that this tradition’s days are numbered since the girls and I are rapidly aging out of this holiday!

This year Charlotte has chosen to revive her ever-popular ‘shark with a pair of legs hanging out of it’s mouth’ costume– this will be the third year running, but when I asked her if maybe she might be ready for a change she said that she would really prefer to be the shark again. “After all, it IS a classic,” she explained. I am going to be a Mummy Blogger– get it?!  I will be wrapped in lots of gauze and maybe carry my laptop… Or I may just go with the mummy part, laptops are heavy. Madi is going to be Beth Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. (She prefers to think of it as an homage rather than an impersonation. Madi loves her some Dog the Bounty Hunter.) This has presented some interesting challenges since Madi is very petite with dark hair and Beth is, well…

dog and beth

You can see our dilemma.

Today at Walmart we scored a big blonde wig, which we plan on further enhancing with back combing and  a Bump-it. We also bought some long pink fake nails, fingerless gloves, and a glittery belt that will we equip with a walkie-talkie, badge and handcuffs.  Most importantly, we found the perfect GINORMOUS black bra! And a package of water balloons. Hopefully she will be able to get her black tank top over, uh, them. We’ll finish the whole thing off with high heels and way too much makeup and jewelry.

I’m just the best mother ever.

And yes, you know I’ll be taking pictures.

So this Saturday night, while you’re passing out candy to your little neighborhood ghosts and princesses, think back if you will to that LOOOOOOOOONG ago Halloween in Hot Springs, Arkansas when sweet little mustachioed gospel singer Russ Taff  took talkative little former cheerleader Tori Timm to be his lawfully wedded wife… and send us some love. Wow. 33 years. Who knew?!


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  1. LindaB

    Oh how sweet! Did you “bob for apples” at your reception? Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO A WONDERFUL COUPLE! You’ve got some catchin’ up with me and my hubby though——-we’ve been married 41 years. (I think? It’s too late at night for me to do the math.) So, LIVE FAST AND FURIOUS!

    You look so fresh faced and innocent, Tori! If you could tell that young girl something……….give her some advice about love and life…….what would it be? I’m just askin’….

    Of course, I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore, but my kids ask to use my clothes for their costumes. One year, my granddaughter AND HER FRIEND wore my black stretch pants—–one in one leg and one in the other! (That’s a sobering piece of information there, isn’t it, Jonny! lol)

    I think my little 7 year old granddaughter has a unique costume for her Halloween party at school tomorrow! She called me tonight to tell me that she’s going as “STATIC CLING”! She will be wearing a sweatsuit with socks and underwear stuck to it randomly, along with some dryer sheets! And her hair will be sticking straight up, with the help of her sister’s spiking gel and hairspray. Cool, huh? She’s very imaginative—–and she’s learned to use “Google”! LOL

  2. jonny

    Well, I can only blame your mother, former, based on what you’ve shared. And yes, the static cling thing is a GREAT idea! Especially on a seven year old girl! Too special! Also, kudos to Tori for her commitment to turn her daughter from ‘flat to fabulous’ for Halloween this year! And I’ll dedicate this year’s 15th annual Halloween Happening here in Helsinki, Finland, Finland’s 1st and longest running annual public Halloween Happening, to her 33 years of faithful devotion as Russ’ loving, supportive wife!! It’s also the ten year anniversary of my band, FWIW.

  3. rachelbaker

    Well in England, Christians don’t do halloween, they just DON’T! Don’t ask me why it is so different over here, maybe we have a more active occult community who really do celebrate all that is evil about halloween. However, I am in agreement that the kids out trick and treating have no knowledge of all of this, and I have moved one step forward from the previous generation and actually consent to giving out chocolate. (Yes, the real reason may well be that I’m scared of what they’d do to me if I didn’t give them anything)! I don’t let my kids out though.

    The Christian community over here does make sure our kids don’t miss out though. A lot of churches have ‘light parties’ as an alternative to halloween – we’ll be going to one on Saturday. The kids can dress up and have fun but all in honour of God, not his enemies. A lot of kids from the local community now prefer these to traditional halloween gatherings, and its nice to show them that Christians can have fun.

    That wasn’t a sermon by the way, just thought it was interesting how different things are over here.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! That’s a long time. We’re going to reaach 7 years next month. There is nothing unusual about our wedding date but Jon did propose on April Fools Day! He forgot what day it was, but jokes that he did it so that if I said no he could pretend he was just joking!

  4. bettyrwoodward

    Happy anniversary! We made 36 years this year so are a little ahead of you.
    As usual Rachel has written very well about halloween in the UK. It definitely is connected with the occult here. We have an angels and super heroes party here on Saturday.

  5. jonny

    “There is nothing unusual about our wedding date but Jon did propose on April Fools Day! He forgot what day it was, but jokes that he did it so that if I said no he could pretend he was just joking!”

    I’ll hve to remember that!!

    Well, my fave part of Halloween is it’s an excuse to watch old black and white classic horror/monster movies = ) A super heroes party sounds like my cup of tea as well,though!! = )

  6. MostlySunny

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU TWO!!!! 33 years…good for you! (We’ll be at 30 on Decemer 22nd).

    We’re like you – my husband does the candy giving thing, I take (took) the kids out and about. It was always fun. We’ve got our bags of candy and we’re ready to go!

    I think it’s interesting that Halloween is so “demonized” and December 25th is not. I mean, early, early Christians stole December from the pagans who worshiped their “gods” and spirits and made it into a celebration (somber and happy) of the birth of Jesus, even though He wasn’t actually born on that day, or possibly (probably) even in that month. All of this incorporated a lot of what the pagans did – garland, decorations, lights, gifts, trees. So let’s just steal Halloween, too!

    Am I off the wall here? Somebody probably knows a lot more about this than I do…

  7. MostlySunny

    Oh, LOVE the wedding picture!

    And speaking of costumes…you know how the shopping malls do their trick or treat thing early? One mall around here (Pittsburgh, PA) did that already and the cutest kid was dressed as “Sully the Pilot”. Remember the USAirways plane that he landed in the Hudson River in January and everyone survived and were standing on the wings of the plane until they were resuced? Well, this child had on a pilot’s uniform, then attached to him were these big wings with cut-out people on them! Very cleaver and creative!

  8. auburn60

    I, for one, am disappointed that the ‘EDIE’ costumes got bagged. I was looking forward to the Taff interpretation of Big and Little Edie…and my very important role as a Maysle brother, recording the whole event. Tori, I think you should reconsider and rock that ‘Dog’ mullett.

    My role on Halloween has been the stay-at-home-candy-hander-outter the past few years, but I have to take part of the baseball team trick-or-treating for the food bank this year. They have to do community service hours and this is their project.

    Yay for anniversaries! We are going on 24 years. Actually, I’ve spent my last couple of anniversaries with… um…you guys. At Family Fest. So much for romance.

    I’ll bet my proposal story beats everyone’s! My kids love to tell this story. My husband has never been what you would call romantic
    and we got engaged in my apt. in Apopka,FL. We were going out somewhere and I went to the bathroom to brush my hair one last time. He was in the LR. I had just ‘flipped’ my hair (to get maximum volume,you know–this WAS the 80’s)and looked in the mirror and there he stood with a ring. And he said these memorable words: ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ (Don’t ask me-I have no idea WHY that seemed appropriate to him.)Yep–we got engaged in the bathroom.

  9. LindaB

    Loved your proposal story, Alyson! And I enjoyed hearing about Halloween in the UK! Jonny—-happy anniversary to your band!!! Are you going to celebrate it?

    Our church is trying to use Halloween for God’s Kingdom—-we have “Trunk or Treat”. We have 3,000 to 4,000 kids file through the parking lot of the church while about 50-60 of our folks decorate the trunks of their vehicles and hand out pounds and pounds of candy to the community’s kids going from car to car. There’s so many people there that the police come to direct traffic. The Fire department bring their fire truck and let kids climb all over it!!! It’s SO MUCH FUN!! And we have several families that decided to attend our church after coming to “Trunk or Treat”. Also, the kids have a safe place to trick or treat.

  10. MostlySunny

    auburn60 – Great proposal story! Sounds like he was pretty sure of the “Yes”. Very cleaver guy!

  11. jonny

    Wow, so many wonderful stories!! No special plans, other than playing a great party on the 31st, we’ll have our 1st out of Helsinki gig on the 4th playing with the 1st all female Christian rock band! Something I set up a few months ago. I recently started getting the girls club gigs. This will be our 2nd together.

    I WAS hoping to have that new song ready for there two gigs, but there wasn’t time for it.

  12. delightedabroad

    Congratulations and all the best for the next 30 years (at least) !

    rachelbaker, you described it very well, halloween is being replaced by ‘church nights’ (I’m afraid there’s no ‘candy part’ included…) around here organized by the more modern-thinking Christians. Others seem to be afraid they could be ‘infected’ having in the slightest way contact with occult things. That reminds me of a speaker whose preferred phrase was “our GREAT BIG GOD (with sounding deep voice) and the teeny-weeny devil (with queaky high voice)”.

  13. LindaB

    Here’s a funny story you might get a grin out of: A few years ago, when my granddaughter Chloe was 3, I took her to Trunk or Treat at our church while hubby stayed home and handed out candy. We made the rounds, which took over an hour, and darkness had set in. Then, before we left, she got into the “Bounce House”, a huge canvas thing with 78,000 plastic balls for the kids to crawl around in. Well, some teenagers from church were “manning” the attraction and they gave each group of kids 5 minutes to bounce around, then they had to leave and let the next bunch of youngun’s in. But…….I don’t know if it was the her exhaustion, or sugar overload, or the late hour, but Chloe “lost it”! Totally!!! I mean screaming and crying and shaking uncontrolLably! She didn’t want to come out! She refused to come out! I coaxed and pleaded for her to come out…….and she cried, “No, no, no…..I don’t want to!” Kids and their parents (my fellow church members and our neighbors) were impatiently waiting their turn. Finally, one of the brave teenage boys climbed in and literally pulled her out. (I guess they DID NOT want to see ME climb in there!) I took her by the hand and started for the car, which was way across the parking lot, but she slumped down on the ground and wouldn’t budge! So….I’m draggin’ this 3 year old across the ground to the car and she’s screaming and crying the whole way, “I’m not going with you! I don’t want to get in your car!! I want my mommy!” as I passed my friends and neighbors with their nice quiet kids in tow. And I’m so mad! I’m fussing and fuming at her and saying, “You’re gettin’ in that car, Little Girl, if it’s the last thing I ever do!!!” and “Stop screaming or I’ll wring your neck”…as I fight with her all the way to the car! I got her in and fastened her car seat—–all the while she never stopped screaming! It was the mother of all temper tamtums! When I got home, my husband was all distaught looking and standing on the front porch with the phone in his hand! He shouted to me before I even got out of the car—-“Where’s Chloe???? Is she alright????” I said yes she was and I got her out to show him. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the step. It seems that my cell phone, which was in my purse bumping around as I dragged Chloe along to the car, dialed my brother’s number when something in my purse hit the redial button, and my brother said all he could hear was Chloe’s muffled screams that she didn’t want to get in someone’s car and she wanted her mommy, and some mad person threatening to wring her neck! He called my husband and was minutes away from calling the police!!! So…..I had to call him and tell him she’s alright and it was ME, HER GRANDMOTHER, that was threatening her and dragging her to my car! How embarrassing was THAT!!!

  14. MostlySunny

    LindaB – HYSTERICAL!!! I would have loved to hear you tell that one to the police!

  15. auburn60

    Note to self: Check status of cell phone when engaged in major dispute with children.

  16. jonny

    Is there no limit, former, as to why I was so smitten by you at first! I mean, SERIOUSLY!! There could never be another you, that’s for sure = ) Oh. My sister never gave her kids suger. When my nephew was left alone with my mom, who for some reason has a hard time listening to, or taking seriously what others requst of her at times, he had his first taste of ice cream, or some other delicious sugar coated sin my mom was into at the moment. Apparently this up to now, extremely easy going, well behaved, quiet as you please little tyke went massively balistic!! Satan entered in the form of that sweet tasting sugar type thing, and from what I’ve been told, it was not pretty.

  17. rachelbaker

    LindaB that is hilarious, although I’m sure it wasn’t at the time for her parents! So far I’ve got away fairly lightly with the whole tantrum thing with the girls, but I don’t want to speak too soon, Dsniel might make up for it!

    Mostly Sunny – I think I’m right, (but may not be, haven’t done any resarch or even googled it) that there is a big difference between Christmas and Halloween. Its true the Christians hijacked a pagan day of celebration and used it to celebrate the birth of Christ – and we use a lot of the same symbols because they’re pretty. Halloween is called Halloween because it is ‘all hallows eve’ – eg the day before All Saints Day on the Christian Calendar. I believe that Halloween is therefore not an ancient pagan festival (or not as ancient as what came before Christmas), but a more recent invention. Basically those into satan worship and all things occult try to stir up as much trouble in the spiritual realm on this day because it is the day before the Christians traditionally upheld the godliness of saints who had gone before. So I think its a bit different. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with candy and pumpkins – but I think this is the reason Christians in the UK refuse to celebrate ‘halloween’ but will happily provide alternative celebrations that only promote the opposite of what halloween stands for. BTW I do think some UK Christians are a little extreme in their stance because the average kid trick or treating does not know anything of what I wrote above. One church I know of made up activity and colouring books for kids for people to give out with chocolate, the books included a little gospel message and invited them to clubs at the church – I thought that was an excellent idea.

  18. rachelbaker

    OK, OK I googled it. I’m entirely wrong. Sorry. Its complicated, like everything else!! I do know its still the biggest day of the year for genuine satanists. BUT as delighted has so clearly written we know who has already won that battle! We in the UK prefer to distance ourselves from the festival but still have fun, but hey, each to their own, and I hope all of you who celebrate in America have a great time. I can’t wait to see the photos of Tori and Madi!

  19. jonny

    Is there really a difference?? What makes one pagan holiday more or less pagan than another? And how much ‘power’ does one really have to stir up anything?? Either something is in Christ, or it is not. It’s connected to his kingdom, or it isn’t. And as the apostle Paul writes, or even as Christ said, it has little do to with ‘what we eat’, or little to do with anything physical that we do, what days we choose to celebrate, or not. It has to do with whether we are doing it in gratitude to Christ, for, with, in Christ, being rightly related to Christ along the way, working it out in love, abiding in, yielding to a faith in Christ that leads to life, with no consideration me what’s in it for us, or our right to ourselves. Not leaning on our understanding of things, especially based on appearances. If some want to make a big noise about Satan, things demonic, so what. To me it’s just a lot of noise. I know who’s in control, have an understanding of what’s real, and an awareness of to whom I belong. This is the enemies world, God have it to him. What’s of the world is not of God. Whether it has a Satan label, or not. I think how we think, our attitude towards these things is what’s important. Are we ‘wave watching’ or trained to be wave experts, or are our eyes on Christ while walking atop the waters of faith?? Not throwing out answers, or telling people not to believe what they do, but I do question many attitudes, teachings towards these things. Maybe it is good to have, offer alternatives, maybe it’s also OK to be in the heart of the world, but because of Christ in us, who we are in him, obviously not a part of it.

  20. jonny

    Sorry rach, Said! my last one before I could read your’s! I think we may have said the same thing, but yours’ not as long winded as mine = /

  21. LindaB

    Tori, when you all are done with that bra, can I have it? I don’t have a black one and you girls won’t be needing it. I’ll give it back next year if you want to use it at Halloween again…………….IF you want it!

    Oh and…..we definitely want lots of pictures of you three!!! And I’d like a few of people’s faces when they answer their doorbell and see Madi “Beth Chapman” Taff standing on their porch!!!

  22. jonny

    Is it me, or does Russ look like he’s blind in that wedding photo??

  23. auburn60

    ‘Blinded by the beauty of his bride.’

  24. LindaB

    As for all the debate on the origins of Halloween and whether Christians should participate, I can’t get worked up over it. And I can’t, with this feeble mind, imagine folks standing before a Holy God and Judge of All and hearing Him say, “I’m not pleased with you——–you celebrated Halloween and went trick or treating!!!!” I think it’ll be more like, “You didn’t love me like I commanded you —–or your fellow man! You didn’t use the talent I gave you for My Kingdom!” Or…”You did not take care of the least of these, My brethen.” I don’t think Halloween will even come up. But it could be just me that thinks that.

  25. LindaB

    Oh, he’s not blind, he’s just looking at that cake and thinking, “When I can see this whole thing!” Russ has a sweet tooth, ya know!

  26. jonny

    I’m with you on that one. Or, did you use Halloween as an opportunity to bless, love others, as with anything else Christ allows our way. And did we do it in a way tha only we, in him, created by him, could bless and love others = ) Or, did we just need a little ‘loving others’ break for a while, some alone time, down time, before getting in the *loving others’ ring again = )

  27. LindaB

    I do not mean to minimize the concerns of U.K. Christians about Halloween. From your comments, I understand about having a large occult presense and a darker, more evil motivation behind Halloween. I certainly wouldn’t want to participate in that! OR let my children participate. I think over here, it’s more a children’s dress up party with candy! But I know too that there is probably a segment of our population that does indeed worship Satan and would like to claim Oct. 31st as theirs. But we won’t let them!

    When we were in California years ago, a friend told us not to drive up into the mountains on this one particular road because Satan worshippers gathered there and it’s not safe. That’s scary!

  28. LindaB

    I agree Jonny! And sometimes we do need to get away for a break—–like Jesus did when he lived here. We are living in physical bodies that tire and become weary. I think He understands that.

  29. jonny

    And of course if Tori hands over the black bra to you, she should probably get some pictures in return… LOL!

    I just ran into an interesting on-line video segment of public, and/or recorded proposals gone wrong. One poor guy even got slapped upside his head, and left abandoned in the baseball bleachers with strangers around trying to comfort the poor, devastated soul.

  30. jd2008

    Congrats Ms. Taff! Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a LONG time. I miss reading your blog. I’ve been caught up in school shenanigans (boy, that’s a long word…) ANYWAY, if you would like to see what I’m being for halloween, click on the link…

    IT IS THE BEST EVER. (..ever…ever…ever…what? its for dramatic effect?)

  31. tori

    JESS! I have missed you, Charlotte misses you like crazy and I love that costume with a deep and abiding love.

  32. LindaB

    Have you all seen the You Tube video of the wedding where all the participants entered dancing? It’s really funny!

  33. LindaB

    Jess, I LOVE your costume too! I can relate. Are you really gonna wear that? Really?

  34. rachelbaker

    LindaB – I couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry, didn’t mean to start a debate, just thought it was interesting how different it is over each side of the atlantic!

    On a slightly weird and off-topic note, I have just noticed that my daughter has a deformed thumb – how do you miss that?! Obviously I know it has not always been like that but when exactly did it happen? She has hurt her hand a couple of times over the last few months, once when I thought I would have to take her to casulaty (thats the ER to you guys), but abut an hour later she was moving it fine so I didn’t. I could be a very bad mother!! Anyway we’re off to the doctor this aftenoon but she is very grumpy about my discovery, and may refuse to show him!!!

    Jess, that is a hilarious costume. Halloween must be different over there – all the costumes people wear over here are ghosts/witches/vampires/monsters etc etc. You guys have way more imagination!!

  35. LindaB

    Rachel, you didn’t start a “debate”! Your viewpoint was very interesting! I like to learn about the European culture and thought. Thank you!

  36. delightedabroad

    Hmm, I get the impression that you celebrate Halloween ‘over there’ as we do carnival.
    And you’re right, rachelbaker, on this side of the atlantic those ‘ghosts/witches/monsters’ etc seem to be more popular at this time of the year.

  37. auburn60

    Jess–are you wearing those heels?

  38. MostlySunny

    Jess – great costume!!! Love the wig!

    rachelbaker and delighted – Yes, our Halloween is different; more “fun”. I personally don’t see alot of the ghosts/witches/monsters/devils at my door anymore; more “characters” and imitations of real people. It gets very creative (as you can see from jd2008’s pick this year). The question we ask here is “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Meaning, what are you going to dress up as?

    The casualty. I’ve never heard that before.

    LindaB – “a friend told us not to drive up into the mountains on this one particular road because Satan worshippers gathered there and it’s not safe. That’s scary!” Where were you in California? I lived in Martinez in the east bay of San Francisco and heard that very same thing. A girl in our church was out riding her horse in the hills and came upon a ritual in progress. She knew exactly what it was and got out of there quick! And this wasn’t at Halloween.

  39. LindaB

    It was in Ontario, Ca. There was a road going up this mountain and it even looked ominous.

  40. jd2008

    I AM wearing the dress and (under that, a VERY toasty fatsuit…), a pearl necklace, the wig, (and the dog…) but thank god I’m not wearing the heels. If I did wear the heels, I probably would fall down A LOT. But on the bright side, if I DID fall, my butt of huge proportions would coushion my fall. But no, I’m not wearing heels.

    (And all this talk about Satan worshippers are making me think of that movie from the 70s…what’s it called…Race with the Devil. That was a very…uh…diffrent movie.


  41. jd2008

    Mrs Taff-

    I found this website a few years ago, and I LOVE IT. you should try it.
    This is your Halloversary Present.

  42. BrownEyedGirl

    Happy Anniverary!! I agree with your Halloween thoughts- it’s all about the candy. Actually, our church ( United Methodist) used to have a Trunk or Treat night as an outreach program for the neighborhood. No witch or inappropriate costume of course. It’s all in fun….

    We had our trick or treat on Thursday with a fun parade to follow. The marching band always comes up with the coolest costumes.

    Have fun tonight – can’t wait for pictures!!

  43. swerchon

    Happy Anniversary Russ and Tori – I pray that you both celebrate many many more anniversaries together…Wow 33 years together THAT IS WONDERFUL. Tori you only look 33 yourself (how do you do it)…

    Can’t wait to see the snaps of our “MUMMY BLOGGER”…too funny.

    Have a great time tonight!!!!

  44. rachelbaker

    Happy Anniversary – I hope you have a lovely time whenever you celebrate!

    And also – you girls have fun tonight.

  45. themema


  46. jonny

    LOL!! So, why only five more years at the the??

    And happy anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Russ Taff! You may kiss the bride again, Russ = )

    And hope everyone had a really nice 31st me October = )

  47. bettyrwoodward

    Glad you had fun last night. Loved Madi’s photos on facebook. You all looked great.

  48. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, I really messed up. Have your anniversary on my calendar and meant to send you a “Congratulations on 33 years.” Talked about it to myself several times…even answered a couple of times. Happy Anniversary, Sweet Pea.

    I’m ah-tellin-you, that took a whole lot of work and several baloons to make our precious little Madi into Beth. I hope you reminded her not to bend over.I have a feeling, when your girls are married and repeating this tradition with their children…you will be dressed up and going ’round with them, too. And Russ will still be handing out the candy.

  49. jonny

    Sorry, should have read… “Why only five years at the time?” themema!!

  50. delightedabroad

    Hi there, I once again have a prayer request: I need a miracle this week when I will do the French translation test. One of the two where I need at least a ‘3’, you remember ? I’m so nervous already that I could go up the walls. Thanks in advance !

  51. jonny

    You’re welcome! = )

  52. MeaganW

    I thought about you all on Saturday! Happy Anniversary!

  53. phelpsphan

    Once again, I’m cracking up! I love Madi’s costume……she wears it all well! LOL

    Happy Anniversary to you and Russ……..may you have 33 more years! Wow, love your wedding picture too………and getting married on Halloween……ahhhh the life of a singer! ;-)

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    […] why in the wide world of sports my Anniversaween is on Oct. 31, I explained it all last year, right here.) Anyway, once again Russ was out on the road, but he did make it in late last night. I picked him […]

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