This is kind of an ‘Un-Post.’ ‘Post-Lite.’ Aw, who am I kidding, this one doesn’t even count. I suck.

I am firmly entrenched in getting-ready-to-leave-for-London mode, but I felt so bad about not posting more this week that I thought I’d try to at least come up with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for you guys…

So, because you are all so lovely and kind and I love and appreciate you all so very very much, (*bats eyelashes*) I am going to treat you to a sure-fire crowd-pleaser also known as CUTE BABY PHOTOS!!! Or in this case, CUTEST BABY EVER PHOTOS!!

This is Perri Elizabeth Opitz, the only daughter of my darling niece Leah and her totally-funny-enough-to-fit-in-with-this-family husband Craig. They live in Houston. Perri’s grandmother, my beloved sister Liz, is absolutely crazy-go-nuts over this child–seriously, they have to surgically remove Perri from her arms every time they leave, I am not even kidding.

The first photo was taken at my nephew (Leah’s brother) Zach’s wedding in Lake Tahoe. I just totally stole both of these off of Leah’s Facebook page which may or may not have legal ramifications for me, so the least you can do is to play along and pretend this is a real blog post, OK? Because then if I have to rot in the Big House for baby picture poaching it will be worth it all knowing that I brought a little sunshine into your lives. You’re welcome.

**Perri in a sock monkey outfit, for crying out loud– and yours truly, trying really hard not to just take a big bite out of her..


**OK, that was just a side view– now you need to emotionally prepare yourself for the full impact:

I KNOW!!!!!!!

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  1. ladylise13

    o.k. already you’re forgiven for the no posting thing. How precious is she? soooo cute! Good luck with London packing etc,etc,etc.

  2. themema

    Of course, she has to be sugically removed from Grandmother Liz. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is so precious as a grandchild, and Perri is so beautiful and exudes so much personality than it would be hard for anyone in the grandmother age group not to hang on to her with all they have. I almost snatched her out of the computer.

    Mine are all grown up…. 17 and 14. I MISS THE BABIES :>(

    NOW, GO PACK!!!! Once you have everything you think you’ll need, take half of it out and leave it home.

  3. johnboyFL

    welll welll….look what the cats drug in….LOL

    we missed you so much this week. i even babbled on your blog for lack of anything to read or do.

    what adorable pics too.

    im so jealous that im not going to london too…. we do expect lots and lots of pics. like in front of the buckingham palace with the guards that look like toy soldiers. HA HA.

    be safe and all that good stuff.

  4. BrownEyedGirl

    She is just a little beauty.

    Good luck with your packing !

  5. gracelynn

    OK I have to hide this computer because if my mom sees that picture, I’ll never hear the end of her whining about not having grandkids LOL. What a precious child!! Oh it makes me want my godchildren so bad. Where’s my Amber!?! LOL (May have to take a quick trip to VA this weekend)

    Good luck with the packing. Thankfully I still have 12 days before I have to go off again and I’ll probably get everything packed around 3am the morning before I leave LOL. Listen to Betty – pack everything and then dump half of it. Trust me!

  6. mmyrrh

    Good Grief! I haven’t posted in sooo long that I had to ask for a new password! Buuuuut, it was worth it just to tell you Thanks for stealing the picture of that CUTEST BABY EVER!

  7. jonny

    But was that poor child prepared for the “full impact” of the shear weight of that massively humongous pink bow/ribbon thing upsettig her newly achieved sitting up balance and knocking her face down shortly after the photo was shot?? Actually, looking at the photo more closely, it looks like she did fall over just before it was taken! Notice the one eye a little smaller than the other?? Probably the side of her darling face that took the brunt of the impact! And notice her tiny little mouth opened ever so slightly in a somewhat dazed, bewildered fashion?? The desperate parents, desperate for an award snatching facebook photo, or just wanting to keep the photo requesting grandma at bay, probably propped her back up and quickly snapped the shot before she went back down again for the count!! Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that a lovelingly close, trusted relative of their’s would stoop so low as to actually STEAL said photo, post on her even more public than facebook blog & have the truth behind the photo be discovered AND EXPOSED!!!

    OK, I’ve think I’ve been doing a little too much house work today, result of an earlier posted blog. I should probably get out in the sun for awhile = )


  8. tori

    ladylise13– I’m telling you, cute babies cover a multitude of sins!

    themema– I KNEW you’d be a sucker for that face! (And your packing advice is right on.)

    johnboyFL– Feel free to babble on my blog any time. And yes, I am already plotting photo ops… Think the staid British folks are ready for my crazy family?!

    BrownEyedGirl– Thank you. I got some stuff actually accomplished yesterday, so I’m not quite as panicked as I thought I’d be…

    gracelynn– Yep, that is definitely the kind of picture that makes you want to go get your hands on your godchild!

    mmyrrh– Welcome back! Thanks for braving the password gauntlet for us!

    jonny! HA! Yeah, it’s a Southern thing.. Also, my sister Liz MADE that headband (and about 13,000 other ones) for Perri, so she is a tiny little expert at balancing the bow– she probably wore one home from the hospital!

  9. LOpitz

    Yay!!! Perri made her internet debut! haha. Correction on the bow- I make them!!! Giving mom props for those and she didn’t even make them! Mom makes about everything else for her but I’ve figured out the bows and yes she does have about 13,000 of them!! And no, she didn’t fall before the picture. It was 10am and the sun was just getting in our eyes so the photographer had to move fast. That and she missed her morning nap to get these pictures taken so she was quite touchy through out it. Perri-touchy? Never!! Just kidding, she is getting much more easy going (its about time!!)

  10. auburn60

    Ah, Tori–you think you and I will ever make it to the ‘grandmother-hood’?
    That baby just makes me want to grab her up, put my cheek against hers and–smell her! I miss that sweet baby smell. I love her name.
    Liz needs to start a little cottage industry with those headbands. I see them around here all the time but don’t know where they get them. I’m so out of the baby loop!
    Praying for you and the girls safe travels and great experiences. No time limit on the nanny offer! :)

  11. AshleyNicole


  12. tori


    I reeeeally thought Liz made those bows! In fact, you better check, she might be going all over the place claiming credit. You should sue her for not asking permission… oh wait, never mind. You don’t want to sue anybody for a little thing like that. Also? You don’t want to sue anybody for stealing your Facebook pictures…

    Everybody? Meet Leah, from whose loins our darling Perri sprung.

  13. jonny

    Hello Leah!! Welcome to the club = ) Uh, blog. And thanks for not taking Perri’s photos back and allowing us to enjoy them, have some fun with them = ) And a big, hearty extra special thanks for not suing Tori! Whether she should be forgiven or not is another story, but thanks in advance for not getting lawyers involved!!

  14. LOpitz

    Tori, thousands more pictures to steal if you’d ever like. And literally, thousands. There are a couple pretty funny ones I need to send you of her lately.

  15. tori


    Although… hold up. Maybe Leah could just threaten to sue me, and we could mount a huge “Save Babybloomr From the Popo Defense Fund” drive! And you could all send in boatloads of money and then the girls and I could fly BUSINESS CLASS to London! Of course then somebody would cry foul and I’d get sued for real. Ok, bad idea. Never mind.

  16. LOpitz

    haha nice. I wish she wouldve been a loin-springer, however I have a nice little 6 inch battle scar to which she sprung from instead…

  17. LOpitz

    sorry, TMI huh? apologies to all

  18. tori

    Leah. Honey. “TMI”? This is Aunt Tori, remember? There’s no such thing as “TMI.” Bring on the “I”, I say!

  19. LOpitz

    Oh don’t worry I wasn’t apologizing to you haha!

  20. jonny

    Man, that was funny! And I think the fact that this blog doesn’t allow one to preview before posting, or allows one to edit after a post is up, has caused at least myself to apologize to others here. All except Tori, of course = )

    And speaking of babies, bows and The South, what in God’s good name do ya’ll do with the boys!?!

  21. tori

    jonny– Tattoos. ‘Lil baby tattoos.

  22. jonny

    FWIW, it’s been awhile since I’ve laughed this much in a day!!

  23. auburn60

    Leah–she is absolutely beautiful.
    And no TMI here. You might have noticed the boundaries are pretty…um… lax. Especially when LindaB and I get started. C’sections scars to menopause–we’re game. Bring it. And more pictures.

  24. johnboyFL

    will russ be wearing any kilts this trip…ROFLLOL

  25. jonny

    Actually, I do own, an occasionally still wear, a kilt. Rose tarton. I’m an honourary member of the clan. He’d have to have the proper shoes for it, of course = )

  26. jonny

    Man, that last “Say it” was sloppy, rushed. Should have written “Rose tartan.” Hopefully I’m not removed from the clan now = /

  27. LindaB

    Ms. Leah, that’s one extremely cute baby girl!!! Have you entered her picture in one of those baby picture contests? There’s lots of them, and you can find them in the back of baby magazines in the ads section. I wanted to do that with my grandchildren’s pictures, but procrastinated too long. Apparently, there is a time limit—-you can’t enter your 20 year old granddaughter’s baby picture. Picky picky!

    I love the headbands with the big beautiful bows!!! But, how did you get her to keep it on? My girls wouldn’t tolerate any kind of head gear! They’d rip it off before I could snap a picture! You are GOOD!

    Alyson, there are “boundaries”????? Well, I’ll be!

  28. rockin robyn

    What a precious precious “sweet pea” that little munchkin is. May God bless her to continue to bring joy to your family.

    Tori, you almost look like you are holding one of those sock monkeys. My grandma had one – almost that size. A bit smaller though. We played with it when we were kids visiting grandma’s house.

  29. johnboyFL

    twiddles thumbs and watches grass grow…yawn sigh. nothing to do no blogs to read…LOL

  30. GRITSinNC

    About the cutest baby I ever saw in my life (other than my own, which was so long ago I can’t remember).

    Tori & girls, have a wonderful trip. Better hurry ’cause I think Russ is having too much fun without you. :o) Seriously, he has made some ladies in the UK from the GC very happy, and I’m sure he won some souls with his preaching & singing also. You have yourself a real special guy…and of course, he has a real special gal in you too.

    Take your laptop and keep in touch, at least Twitter, and take lots of pictures. Bon Voyage!

  31. jonny

    By the way, Leah, where did you find the sock monkey outfit?? I’ve been searching on line for one, but with no success. Did grandma make it??

  32. JoAnn

    WOW what a beautiful baby.No wonder you go all gaga and gushy over her.Have a great and safe trip,traveling mercies coming your way.Wish I could be a little mouse when you tackle and tickle Russ.

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