Let’s Talk About Underwear! *Giveaway is over, Winners have been notified*

OK, now that I’ve got your attention.

This is a review for Jockey’s new Staycool line of, ahem, undergarments for men and women. And yes, it wasn’t until I agreed to do this review AND received free sample products to ‘test drive’ that I suddenly realized I would be talking about the personal underwear preference of RUSS AND I in a blog post!!! So let me make it clear that I totally understand if that kinda weirds you out a little, and you just ran screaming out of the room. If you’re still here, however, don’t worry– I promise there will be NO pictures of the two of us in our unmentionables unless I decide to Photoshop our heads on some models’ bodies.

So now that you’ve been reassured, here’s what you need to know: this underwear rocks!

I’ll go on record and admit that I’ve personally never been a huge consumer of Jockey products heretofore because frankly, I’m more of a fancy panties kind of gal. (Russ however, is a big Jockey fan.) (And I’m going to use these red parentheses every time I talk about Russ and his underwear, because this is the writing equivalent of whispering and I’m all respectful of his privacy and whatnot.) But Jockey was one of the major sponsors of the Blissdom conference I attended last January, and in our swag bag there was a coupon for a pair of free underwear redeemable at their booth– and since I am a fan of all things free, I redeemed that sucker. To my pleasant surprise, they did not have a bunch of generic, utilitarian-looking products to choose from. This was not your grandmother’s Jockey underwear! There were bright colors and lots of styles–I walked away with a sassy little pair of leopard print bikinis that I just love. So when the opportunity came to review their new line, I was dang ready to participate.

When my sample package arrived, the first thing I noticed was the silky-soft, 100% cotton feel of the material. Now granted, the particular pairs of underwear they sent me were pretty plain and simple– no leopard prints here, just classic white. But I do always keep several pair of neutral, no-panty-lines underwear on hand to wear with those skirts or jeans that fit a little closer than they probably should, so even though these weren’t all tarted up, their sleek, classic lines totally earned them a place in my drawer. Now since I am not a scientist AND have never actually considered taking the temperature of my underwear (how exactly would you do that, anyway?), I will have to take Jockey’s claim that this new breakthrough Outlast technology keeps your body 3 degrees cooler on faith. To be honest, I didn’t really notice anything radically different when I first wore them, but then again I’m a delicate Southern flower who only occasionally ‘glistens,’ NEVER sweats. (Russ, however DOES sweat– you’ve seen him use his big ol’ Vestal Goodman-type handkerchief on stage to mop his brow, right? Well, he totally swore that he indeed DID notice a difference with the Staycool line. And yes, he will probably kill me for writing that.) At any rate, I can tell you that this underwear is so comfortable and ‘non-invasive’ that you forget you are wearing them– absolutely no riding up/ bunching up/killer wedgies to report. I’ve worn both the bikini and the regular brief styles, and even though the word “brief” automatically translates in my mind to “granny panties,” theirs also come in a ton of colors including a lovely midnight black, so you can feel kind of sultry as well as sensible… SCORE!

Behold the briefs:

Jockey also sent me their Staycool V-neck tee shirts to try, and they are winners, too. This is a great little shirt, folks. It feels lightweight, but it’s substantial enough that it’s not too sheer or see-through. Don’t you just hate it when you have a nice, comfy tee shirt that you love to wear around the house but then while you’re making a quick run to the grocery you look down and suddenly realize that you are like, ONE STEP AWAY from looking like you’ve just entered a wet tee shirt contest in Panama City on spring break? No? Just me? OK, never mind. But my point is, this is outerwear not underwear, and I venture to say you could even kind of class it up and wear it with something other than just jeans or shorts.

For example, this is a picture of me on my way to the opera:

(OK, I’m totally lying about that. And yes, I’m aware of the fact that I’m NOT gonna be America’s Next Top Model.)

Here’s something else– they’re reversible! So if you happen to do something like, oh I don’t know, accidentally get a small red lipstick smear on the front of your shirt while you’re trying to take an glamor shot on the balcony of your daughter’s dorm room, you can totally turn it inside out and keep going. Or so I’ve heard. I also got one of these in black, and I wore it while we were doing that marathon cleaning session at the lakehouse a couple of weeks ago. I DID notice that whole ‘3 degrees cooler Outlast technology’ deal that day– I got more than a little hot, grimy and sweaty, but I was able to just reverse the shirt (in the car in a Walmart parking lot– because I’m classy like that) when we decided at the last minute to go grab something to eat, and I looked absolutely fresh as a daisy! (I guess technically you could also turn the underwear inside out too, but I’m not recommending it. Because ewww.)

So here’s the bottom line: This Staycool line is the real deal, I am officially a Jockey fan and can wholeheartedly recommend these products. According to their website, the Outlast fabric is “a Certified Space Technology originally developed for NASA over 20 years ago, which works by absorbing excess heat to maintain your optimal body temperature and help keep you cooler all day long.” (Which I guess answers the question, “If they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they invent underwear that doesn’t stick to you on a hot day like a wet paper towel?!”)

Which brings us to my favorite part of the program…. FREE UNDERWEAR FOR EVERYBODY!!!

Well, at least three of you– Jockey is letting me do a giveaway!! And I have details!


The Prize– THREE, count ‘em THREE lucky winners will get a coupon code that entitles then to one top and one bottom style FREE from the Jockey Staycool collection–for men or for women, your choice.

The Rules:

  • Required: Leave a comment below and somehow work the word underwear into it– be creative! (But not creepy– it’s just underwear, people, everybody wears ‘em.)
  • For an extra chance to win: Tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook (or cut and paste this and post on both!) the following: “Win @Jockey Staycool products via @Babybloomr ! Check out the details: http://babybloomr.com/?p=5302 #staycool (You can do this once a day for the length of the contest– that’s a lot of extra chances, amIrite??) IMPORTANT: You’ve got to leave me your email address in your comment (or send it to me separately at tori@babybloomr.com if you’re shy) so I can notify you if you win– don’t forget!
  • Contest ends at midnight next Monday, August 22. You will be notified by me and have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize!

YAY, we love giveaways!!! So comment, dang it!

And as for Russ? Well, I’m not going to answer any “boxers or briefs?” questions, (*cough cough* both *cough*) but I will tell you that he is absolutely sold on these products too. And since he ungraciously refused to let me take a picture of him in his underwear, I’ll do the next best thing: here’s NFL quarterback Tim Tebow in his! (Actually just the tee shirt. But still.)

DISCLOSURE: I received  both men and women’s tee shirts and underwear from Jockey for the purpose of this review, as well as a gift card worth $25 towards the purchase of more product from their website. As always, the opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% completely my own, with no obligation to the company I am reviewing. Because as you know, I’VE GOT OPINIONS– and none of them are for sale. I will never endorse a product that I do not honestly believe in.

(Trust me, if I was gonna compromise my integrity  it would cost way more than a couple a pair of panties… I’m thinking more like a new house or a trip to Paris. You know, if anybody’s interested.)

Don’t forget to go comment! RIGHT NOW!

46 Responses

  1. drobin99

    Oh, “cool” blog! I love Jockey underwear and that is all I wear! Well, I mean under my clothes and all.

  2. tori

    THAT’S MY GURRRL, drobin!!!

  3. Rod

    I am a long time fan of jockey…even a member of the excessive club, you know. These sound awesome…especially the whole cooling factor..I mean, who can’t use a little coolness now and then? And maybe, had the guy at the local “creek rats” had these when Kelly and I tried to visit for dinner, we would not have heard him proclaim (loudly) that the “only reason he wears underwear in the summertime, is to have a place to put his gun”. Nope, not making that up folks. We left. :).

    Send me some free man panties T!! :)

  4. LindaB

    Wow! This underwear can keep me 3 degrees cooler??? I’m gonna start layering ‘em!!! When it’s 90 degrees out, I’ll just put on four pair and enjoy a balmy 78 degrees! And here I thought wearing my old undies with all the holes would keep me cooler! Their way is more high tech, huh? Probably works better. Looks better too……but who wants to look anymore?

    I’ll tell you what they should work on: Underwear that absorbs a lot of extra “moisture” for when I’m reading your blog posts and can’t quit laughing!! This one was a pip!!! I could have used that!

    (Can’t wait ’til I see Russ again! Gotta ask him is he’s feeling really cool and dry today! CAN’T WAIT!!! That’s worth the price of a Homecoming concert ticket! LOL)

  5. tori

    Rod and LindaB– I love you both with a deep and holy completely-non-underwear-related love…

  6. gracelynn

    ROTFL I needed that laugh today. Thanks, Tori! Linda, you have me rolling about it being worth the price of the ticket! I can see Russ’s face right now. LOL
    Well, considering I am a rather large woman, I doubt that they would have any underwear products in my size. I’m still trying to lose this horse hiney but it takes awhile! So I’ll let drobin, Linda and Rod have my shot at the prize. ;)

  7. LindaB

    Maybe you could answer a question for me……..if I were to throw caution and dignity to the wind, would it be okay to throw Jockey undies on the stage at a Homecoming concert? Or should I just use my old “hole-y” ones?

  8. tori

    gracelynn– “Horse Hiney” is my new favorite phrase in life!

    LindaB– GO FOR IT! And aim for Bill!

  9. gracelynn

    ROTFL You all are going to make me have a seizure from laughing so hard. My parents (who BTW already think I’ve lost my mind anyway – after all, I taught teenagers!) think I’m ready for the crazy ward right now.

  10. jonny

    OK, this truly takes me back ! When I was Nineteen I joined the Army. I think up to that point my folks, or mom, bought me my under-pants. I probably REALLY wanted underoos, but she wouldn’t go for it. At least not for a Nineteen year-old ! And probably not even if they had them for adults back then, too = / Anyway, when I joined the Army, they provided my under-garments for me as well. Brown. I guess that was the safest color to use for boys becoming men, or something to that affect.

    Well, for my first few months of training that was pretty much all that was required. When I hit ‘permanent party’ just outside of Nuernberg, Germany, I guess that’s when I really started coming into my own. Especially in the under-pants department ! There was a little shop/store on base where we could get some basic supplies shipped in from the States. This included under-shorts. Well, there were the Haines, or FOTLs with the little slit in the front for some quicker ‘pee-pee’ action, of required, BUT there were also these somewhat more expensive Jockey underwear ‘briefs.’ Or were they called ‘bikini briefs.’ Lord knows, there wasn’t much to them ! They were, of course, without the little opening in front for boys. These were clearly real man ‘panties’ ! Anyway, they were seriously skimpier, lighter than the ones the ‘good ol’ boys’ were getting at the time, and more colorful, but I bought them anyway ! If I remember correctly, there were three in a mostly clear plastic tube. Anyway, they were the first ‘on my own’ underwear I ever bought; and I still have no regrets doing so. Oh the wondrous undie-path they ended up taking me on = ) And I guess, at the time, the were the closest things I could get to underoos ! They looked a lot more like what a super-hero wore outside his tights than what I had been wearing before, that’s for sure !


    And yes, I would sooo love to win this contest ! Mercy ! I have yet to find Jockey underwear here in Helsinki, Finland !! At least not where I usually do my clothe shopping. Maybe I should look around a bit more thoroughly now, though = )

  11. heforeverlives

    So this must be the best underwear ever, I mean c’mon guys, NASA? The first thing I think of everyday, living in Houston, TX would have to be, how can I drop my underwear temperature down 3 degrees(okay not really but it does get dang hot down here!), I mean the regular 106 degree weather is enough, this underwear was made for me. Bring on the space panties so I can feel out of this state, Ah what the heck even outta this world!!! By the way a v-neck wouldn’t be uncool either ;)

  12. tori

    small j– Thanks for the visual- you are now forever seared into my consciousness wearing bright red satin tighties with a cape billowing out behind you…

    heforeverlives– OK, SECOND favorite new word of the day: SPACE PANTIES!!

  13. jonny

    My gift to you ! = ) If the Halloween get-up I’m hoping to perform in this year works out, I’ll send photos…

  14. jonny

    Oh, and if I was one of the three winners, I would wear the goods live on stage for God and everyone to see, and put photos up on our band’s facebook page !! = )

  15. tori

    small j– I SAID I COULDN’T BE BRIBED! That policy includes photos of you in a superhero costume too!

    Btw– I have no idea why the Tim Tebow commercial keeps disappearing and reappearing.

  16. jonny

    Where ??

  17. mountainserenity

    With all the hot flashes that have plagued me all summer, I can’t wait to try Jockey’s new Staycool line of underwear! I’ll take 3 degrees cooler anytime! Who-would-have-ever-thought?

  18. tori

    mountainserenity– Honey, I feel ya on that! I don’t have a clue how they work, but I really do like them!

  19. jonny

    Oh, shoot ! Did I just accidentally disqualify myself !?? = /

  20. JanetB

    If I can have the shirt in the underwear commercial – with Tebow IN it…count me in!

  21. tori

    JanetB– Yeah, I already asked Jockey about that. No dice.

  22. jonny

    OK, just looked at the link for the guy stuff. If memory serves me well, they have not changed their three pack color options in over twenty-five years !! Not that it matters or anything; just sayin’ !

  23. Shella

    I sure was surprised to find that the topic on the babybloomr blog today is. . .baby bloomers. Or at least bloomers that are “brief.”

    But if a “fancy panties kind of gal” likes ‘em even though they’re not “tarted up,” that is good enough for me! Great review.

    P.S. I’ll never think of underwear the same way again. Just sayin’.

  24. auburn60

    My head is spinning with images of Russ in boxers/briefs and jonny looking like a caped crusader from the waist down and Linda throwing underwear at Bill during a concert (would he even notice?)…and then of course, ME probably being the one who would have to bail Linda out of jail. What if you miss your aim, LB? I would really hate for one of those nice Booth brothers to get caught up in our foolishness. Or poor Gordon to get hit with a bloomer bomb. And Tim Tebow is probably on his knees in prayer for this whole group right now!

    Here’s my underwear issue: I maintain fairly long fingernails and I can’t tell you how many holes I have poked in my cotton drawers,grabbing them by the elastic and pulling on them. Why, I’ve thrown away 2 or 3 pair this summer that were holier than a Pentecostal preacher at a tent revival! Bet Jockey doesn’t have an answer for that.

  25. jonny

    ooh… 60’s presented a CHALLENGE for Jockey underwear… Will they accept it !?? And if so, could their end result truly live up to 60’s notorious, merciless panty shredding nails !?!?? These answers, and MORE, await you right after a brief word from hostess herself; Under Girl !

  26. jonny

    Argh !! ‘Underwear Girl’ ! Nothing like blowing the climax to a great build up = /

  27. jonny

    I should probably just go to a little dark corner somewhere and sulk for awhile; changing the already bent outta shape safety-pins holding the red towel to the shoulders of my blue, long sleeved t-shirt. I guess I should count my blessings though, and be grateful I don’t have nails like 60’s that would more than likely de-face the winnings of this more than generous Bloomr Jockey Underwear give-away thing-ie. And sorry Hanes for the mis-spell earlier. This day has just been a little more challenging than first anticipated. Probably cause I don’t have any 3-degrees cooler undies at the moment = /

  28. KellyBurton

    Normally, I’m not a big fan of the underwear. But if it’s good enough for Tori, then it must be awesome.


  29. belinda

    Okay I have laughed and cried while reading this tonight. I now want to go out and buy some jockey stay cool wear. 3 degrees cooler? I’m in!!!!

    I so want to be at that concert you go to Linda B. I would gladly buy a ticket to see that :)

  30. belinda

    P.S. Tori, I love your shoes in your modeling picture :)

  31. LindaB

    Alyson, two words for ya——chain mail. Not too comfy, but strong, sturdy, and comes with holes to keep you three degrees cooler.

    Belinda, Oh, Bill will notice. I’ve heard girls write their phone number on their unmentionables when they throw them onstage. Honey, I could write the Declaration of Independence on mine, with room to spare. He’ll notice.

    Gee, should have known a post about “space undies” had the potential to deteriorate to this point. I’m ashamed.

  32. gracelynn

    OK auburn – I have laughed until I cry and at 1am in this house, that isn’t a very good idea but thankfully I didn’t awaken anyone with this laugher or do a spit take with my coffee on this computer. LOL Now you have me concerned about poor Gordon when Linda tosses those space undies. And LB…I know how you feel, gal! Trust me, you could get the Declaration on mine too, sweetie. ;)

  33. bettyrwoodward

    I haven’t laughed as much for a long while. However I don’t think we can get this Jockey stay cool underwear in the UK but I might be wrong.

  34. jonny

    “Alyson, two words for ya——chain mail. Not too comfy, but strong, sturdy, and comes with holes to keep you three degrees cooler.”

    Captain America uses chain mail !! But again, on the outside = /

  35. delightedabroad

    Ok, I could look up the material on their website. What I didn’t find is whether those 3° are also true when measured in °Celsius??? Or does the underwear only work in Fahrenheit?

  36. onewhoknits

    I love Jockey underwear and need the cooling factor at my present age.

  37. cropnotesandcrafts

    I wish I could say I was a proper Southern flower who glistens. Somehow I don’t people would believe that when all of my clothes are damp after working outside. Three degrees cooler would be fabulous for working in the garden!
    So now the next thing I’m wondering is………
    What does this mean for college students who sometimes wear underwear on their heads or other non related places? Will this be the next fad for headgear? Express your mood while jogging! No need to ask the nagging question of boxers or briefs when it’s in plain site! Pick up your pair today!

  38. cropnotesandcrafts

    I forgot my contact info

  39. Jenn

    Underwear that will make me cooler! Sign me up! It will inprove my street cred. Oh, wait. You mean “temperature” cooler. That is totally different. However, living in Texas, I may just have to wear the Jockey’s on my head to keep me cool. It is hot hear, y’all!

  40. mommystory

    I’ve never been a fancy underwear type of person – comfortable underwear that doesn’t…uh…make me aware that it’s there is ideal. Underwear that can make me cooler? Sign me up. Especially before the weather turns cold.

  41. jonny

    Yeah, that three degrees cooler may not go over real big where I’m hanging out = /


  42. DPphanGP

    LOL! So did someone actually have to put a thermometer in their underwear/space panties to verify the 3° difference? LOL! just kidding…… :) Serious question – do they make plus sizes?

  43. DPphanGP
  44. As Cape Cod Turns

    Love me some Jockey undies Tori! Especially if they are 3 degrees cooler than my normal underwear. I wonder if I will get frostbite wearing them in the winter?

  45. jonny

    Oh, and I’m not interested in ‘winning’ anything here; just having some, hopefully, encouraging fun !! = )

    Peace !

  46. ChristinaCD

    well if Russ likes Jockey underwear MAYBE I can get my hubby to like them too since he’s REALLY picky.

    oh and I posted on Twitter which also goes to my FB.

    Christina.dobmeier@gmail.com :)

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