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I am not dead.

Just minus a lot of bodily fluids.


I had Le Stomach Virus this weekend, and if I may say so myself, it was a particularly spectacular version of it. I am an overachiever in the virus category, I do nothing halfway. I spent most of the weekend in self-imposed exile so that I could lessen the probability of passing the blessing on to the girls. I also went all Howard Hughes-y on my ownself and did a lot of opening doors with a Kleenex wrapped around my hand, wiping down all available surfaces with antibacterial sheets and spraying great glory clouds of Lysol all through the house. The laundry piles have reached epic proportions and the kitchen looks like Ground Zero– a dead give-away that The Mom has been out of commission. (Which begs the question: WHY?? Do you people not have eyes?!! Does this giant mess not bother anyone but me in this whole dang house?!! **FYI–Excessive vomiting makes me a little cranky, just so you know.)

Ahem. *shakes head to clear it*

Anyway. I am now on the mend and will soon fully return to being my usual little ball-of-sunshine self. Meanwhile, I’ll post some random gratuitous photos from this weekend’s jaunt. The girls have inherited my seasonal wanderlust, so every spring and fall I get a hankering to jump in the car and just take off somewhere. Since NY and Paris are a bit too ambitious, we usually settle for a small-town Tennessee festival of some sort. This weekend we hit Fayetteville’s annual ‘Host of Christmas Past’ celebration, which featured lots and lots of homemade food, people walking around in Dickens-era costumes, a bandshell concert and an Abe Lincoln impersonator. Top that, Big Apple!

Here are a few highlights:

**You gotta love an orchestra with Santa hats.


**LOTS of frying going on: funnel cakes, fried pies, and…

**Kettle taters!

**Char and I enjoying cotton candy.

** This kind of creeped Madi out.



**Lest you forget this IS the South… This Confederate soldier statue is front and center on the town square.



**Lovely costumes.


** Madi is kind of crushing on ol’ Honest Abe.

Scene of the crime

Here’s a shot of Madi Rose that her dad took last weekend, back at Cherry Grove Beach. No further shark incidents to report, THANK GOD.

Ah, youth!

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